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Used by More Platform Artists than Any Other Brand!TM
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Hikari shears are the ultimate haircutting tools. In fact, they are used by more platform artists than any other brand! Platform artists can never say enough about how much they love our products. Their support and dedication is what makes Hikari the top choice of hairstylists across the globe! Without the loyalty of the biggest names in the industry, Hikari would not have the outstanding reputation that it has today.
In this section, you will find just a fraction of the many testimonials we receive from the most respected people in the business. And unlike other shear companies, we don’t give away our scissors in exchange for their testimonials. The best hairdressers know that Hikari is the best, and they have to have it. They could just use the free shears they get from other companies, but they know it’s well worth it to buy a Hikari, because nothing else compares!
Do you have a Hikari testimonial that you would like to appear on our website? If so, we would love to hear from you! Please send an email to info@hikariscissors.com, with your comments and a picture if you wish. If you would like to be considered for our upcoming feature, “Stylist of the Month,” please include your bio too. Thank you!
Platform Artist Testimonials
The following statements are unsolicited and unpaid. They are comments from stylists who are happy Hikari customers. In no way do these statements necessarily reflect the views of the companies with whom the stylists are affiliated.
Angus Mitchell
Co-Owner, John Paul Mitchell Systems
“I would never touch anything less than Hikari shears. They are my favorite, favorite tool. They fit amazingly in your hand, the way they cut through hair is effortless. You don't get service from anyone else like you do here at Hikari.”
Vivienne Mackinder
3 Time Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award and Seven Time Winner of the North American Hairstylist Awards “Hikari makes the best, absolute precision, unbelievably sharp and of fine quality.”
Ruth Roche, Four-time winner, North American Hairstylist Awards
"Love them. I try others and always go back to my Hikaris--the Cadillac of scissors. They're sharp, they're fabulous, they feel good in my hand. There's just nothing like them."
Stephanie Kocielski
Master Associate, John Paul Mitchell Systems and Artistic Director, A Robert Cromeans Salon "For my whole career I've had the pleasure to work with Hikari scissors. Not only will they give you the greatest tool, they'll also show you how to take care of them and they'll take care of them for you. If you're not using Hikaris, you'd better start because they're the best thing that will make your work even more amazing"
Jerry Gordon
Owner/Producer, The Chicago Midwest Beauty Show and President, Cosmetologists Chicago "I am an avid Hikari fan. I've been using these shears since the minute they got to America and I just love them. They are my favorite shears!"
Gary Glossman
Artistic Director, ISO
"I have to tell you that Hikaris rule! I think anyone in the entire industry, if they don't use Hikaris, there's something up with that. They absolutely do what they're meant to do. I'm very much a sculptor, and you couldn’t do it without Hikaris. They absolutely rock and I love them."
Kendra Turner
Instructor, Graham Webb Academy
"I cannot live without my Hikaris! I can't
imagine what I was doing before using Hikari.These are the best shears I've ever, ever had!"
Kelly Cardenas
Master Associate, John Paul Mitchell Systems and Artistic Director, A Robert Cromeans Salon "Hikari is the only shear that I use. We don’t use them because we get paid to, we use them because I think they are the best in the industry. One word of advice that I ever give you throughout my whole career: use Hikari, believe in it. The service is phenomenal!"
Lynn Edwards
Graham Webb Academy
"I have been using Hikari shears for
15 years. Wouldn’t use anything else.
Everyone in our salon uses them."
Jennifer Llanas
Artistic Educator, Matrix
"I've been using Hikari shears for about 13
years. They are an investment, but they are the best shears you will ever buy. Once you have a Hikari you'll never use anything but."
Jon English
President, Jon English Products
"I've been using Hikari shears now for about 15 years. No one has been able to meet the standards and quality that Hikari stands for. I use Hikari now, I used it then, and I'll use it forever."
Tina Daly
Platform Artist, Farouk
"I've been using Hikaris for 15 years. I've had many manufacturers give me different shears to use on stage and I just couldn’t use them, so I gave them away. It's an investment, but like any tool, it makes your work easier. So get 1, 2, 3, 4...7 pairs like me, and be a happy
Francesca Rivetti
Platform Artist, Graham
"They are so sharp, they just
melt the hair away! We love
Hikari! Rock on!"
Gregory Carlyle, NAHA Hairstylist of the Year "Whether it's in the salon, on the stage, or teaching at any level, Hikari shears have been my favorite tool now for nearly 20 years. I can't live without my New Cosmos 6.0's. I encourage all of you to try the anatomic handles. While many of my friends have had problems with their hands, I feel like I can do hair indefinitely with great tools like Hikari. Invest in Hikari shears and you'll be investing in a great future."
Ginger Boyle
Global Master, Aveda
"All the best, very professional."
Melissa Jaqua
Master Associate / International Performing Artist, John Paul Mitchell

" Have you ever been stuck in a moment where for whatever reason you didn't have
your favorite tools with you and end up borrowing somebody else's? Suddenly with every close of the blade, as each strand of hair falls to the ground you suddenly begin to really appreciate that pair of Hikari's that lives in your hands day in and day out! You then vow to yourself to never leave home without them .....EVER again! :) You clean them religiously every night with your shami and your oil. You send them in for maintenance probably more often than you need to. You tuck them away in the deepest part of you shear pouch so that if someone helps themselves to borrowing your tools they can't find them as easily. ( ha ha ). But you quickly learn that the biggest lesson of
all ...and that is that behind every fabulous haircut you do is a great pair of HIKARI'S..... and I thought it was my shear talent all this time!”
Jo Blackwell-Preston
Portfolio Artist, L'Oreal
"Rock solid!"
Julie Mustoffa-Meggitt
Former Artistic Team Member for Brocato International and Toni
and Guy Platform Artist and Educator for MOP International

“I have been using Hikaris since 1986. I have tried other shears and always go back to Hikari. I love the balance and weight in my hand. They hold their edge and cut unbelievably smooth. I find nothing compares to the craftsmanship of this shear!! When people ask me what type of shear to buy I always say my favorite is Hikari!”
David Dupal
Design Team Leader, Matrix
"I have had Hikari scissors in the past and really enjoyed the smoothness and performance. They came very highly recommended. They are a must-have!!!"
Nuccio & Cheryl Basilisco
Team members, Salonware &
ESBI Artistic Team

"We love the shears, always used
them, they're the best."
Sandra Carr
National Color Spokesperson & Guest
Artist, Matrix

Irene Meikle
Platform Artist, Graham Webb

“They are amazingly sharp! We love Hikari!
Shelly Aguirre
Team Quest Artist, Aquage
"I expect superior performance from my work tools and Hikari's quality is unmatched."

Veronica Valdivia
Color Educator, Davines
"Wonderful! It would be hard to find something as great as Hikaris"

David Klein
Global Performing Artist, Redken
"Always great service for a great product."

Rick Mahoney
Stylist/Colorist, Deva Concepts
"By far the Mercedes of shears. Optimum performance and handling."

Larry Alati
National Educator/Master Associate, John Paul Mitchell Systems
"Excellent tools, quality, performance and service. The only scissor I use at the salon or on the platform."

Aidan M. Trenholm
Educator/Stylist, Aveda
"Fab scissors. Don't wear out too quick, stay sharp a long time, great balance."

Jac Brown
John Paul Mitchell Systems
"Hikari experience is the only experience one needs."

Perry Monge
Platform Artist, Aveda
"I am very excited to experience the new Arc168. The shear feels very balanced, sharpness beyond belief and very ergonomic, making it great to work with."

Belinda Vertin
National Platform Educator, Brocato/Beautopia
"Great shears, won't use anything but Hikari!!"

Korrie Fidge
National Team, American Crew
"I have heard only amazing reactions to the quality of shears and customer service!"

Eddie Mendonca
Regional Performing Artist/Educator, Redken
"I haven't found any other shear with the quality of Hikari."

Shep Wolsey
Guest Artist, Taylor Andrews
"I love Hikari shears. I have tried several other scissors but always prefer the smoothness and lightweight nature of the scissors."

Lisa Cramer
Educator, New Concepts
"I love my new shears. They are very smooth and the difference is unbelievable."

Jason Jamiel
Cutting Specialist, John Paul Mitchell Systems
"I love the balance and feel of them. They're like an extension of my hand and allow me to achieve strong, clean lines due to their longevity of sharpness. I can't wait to get more because each scissor has its own personality and allows me to create different effects with the hair. Thank you for creating and continuing to develop an amazing product."

Joyce Matteo
Associate, John Paul Mitchell Systems
"I love the new dry-cut scissors and DVD. Awesome."

Shelly Pinkowski
Alliance Team Member, Aquage
"It's a great, heavy, durable shear. That's why I'm purchasing another pair of the same!"

Nick Ortega
Master Associate, John Paul Mitchell Systems
"Only shears with the exception of a Paul Mitchell shear that I use. I have other manufacturers letting me try their shears hoping I will buy. I recommend your sharpening services as well as shears."

Robert Mumford
Platform Artist, Graham Webb International
"Love 'em! Never picked up another pair that measures up!"

Molly Kramer
John Paul Mitchell Systems
"It's the only shear that has never let me down."

Laura Dolan
Educator, Schwarakopf
"The best shears. I'll never buy anything else -- they feel like butter!"

Debbie Wallace
Platform Artist, Lanza
"Last long, stay sharp and good backing by company."

Vince Bough
Cutting Specialist, Paul Mitchell the School
"The hair really does melt away, sometimes before the blade even touches it."

Caron J. Cuffie
National Educator, John Paul Mitchell Systems
"The most wonderful, reliable, trustworthy tool company in the world!"

Michele Knapik
Instructor, Aveda Institute of Atlanta
"There is no other shear that compares -- none."

Gina Lash
Design Team Leader, Matrix
"Excellent shears, excellent service. Thank you!"

Richard Lopez
Platform Artist, Aquage
"They're always the best! Your staff are more than helpful and professional. Thanks!"

Philip Anthony
Performing Artist, Redken
"Have hade them for 20 years, they are the best."

Lorraine Massey
Co-owner, Deva Concepts
"Words cannot truly describe, you only know by experience. Once you go Hikari, you never go back."

Hien Tran
rainer/Educator, Davines
"The best scissor I've ever owned."

Maureen Bills
National Color Educator, John Paul Mitchell Systems

Theoharris Christou
Art Director/Educator, Curlisto Systems
"Great quality, love to use them."

Gabriel Ontiveras
Creative Director, Toni & Guy
"Excellent Shears."

Elizabeth Garrett
ational Educator, John Paul Mitchell Systems
"I wouldn't use anything else."

Kenette Coffman
Platform Artist/Technician Specialist, Wella Corporation
"They are awesome!!"

Tammy Kahlen
Educator, Abba
"Best shears ever. Never need to buy anything else."

Thomas Cousins
Platform Artist, John Paul Mitchell Systems

Salvatore Minardi
President/Owner, Sal-Min, Inc.
"Great blades and long lasting performance."

Rick Jaramillo
Stylist/Art Director, Tony & Guy
"Just the greatest shears -perfect."

Robert Aldava
A.T. Tramp
"Love the quality and service."

Sandra Arthur
RSED, Graham Webb International
"They are the best!!"

Laura LampNational Platform Artist, Nioxin

Jimy Angel
Master Associate, John Paul Mitchell Systems
"Great shears!"

David Brady
Master Associate, John Paul Mitchell Systems
"They are the best."

Nicole Providence
Team Quest Member, Aquage
"They're fabulous scissors."

Tony Soriano
Guest Artist, Goldwell
"Love them, won't use any other brand."

Cecilia Montez
National Educator, John Paul Mitchell Systems
"Smooth and lightweight."

Fumi Eguchi

Nedra Bromley
Master Artistic Educator, Matrix

Tracy Senseman
Senior Taskforce Educator, John Paul Mitchell Systems
"The best shears!"

Leon Liu
Teacher, Vidal Sassoon Academy
"Excellent feel."

Jason Anderson
Instructor, John Paul Mitchell Systems
"They are amazing."

Agnes Ballasa
Educator, Schwarakopf
"Love them, best shears."

Jeff Hartwell
Artistic Team Leader, Sexy Hair Concepts

Joyce Ziegler
Associate, John Paul Mitchell Systems
"Excellent Product!!"

Tara Dowdal
Education Leader, Paul Mitchell the School

Krista Dudash
Senior National Educator, John Paul Mitchell Systems
"Love them!"

Alex Ioannou
Platform Artist, Aquage
"The best -- the only."

Diva Poulos
Artistic Team Member, Sebastian International
"Love them, great quality."

Matt Harrison
Instructor, Vidal Sassoon Academy
"They're excellent!"

Michael Barnett
Design Educator, Neill Corp.
"Very good."

Maribel Abreu
Platform Artist, Cinderella Hair
"The BEST!!!!"

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