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Welcome to the Left Handed Hikari Scissors
For the left-handed stylist, Hikari carries true left-handed scissors. These left-handed scissors, like all Hikari scissors, are of the highest quality and performance. If you are currently not using a true left handed scissor or are unsure if your scissor is a true left-handed scissor, please call us for more information before purchasing.
Note: If you are currently not using a true left-handed scissor, there is an adjustment period you must go through in order for your hand to adapt to a left-handed scissor. 
L604/L605 Series
Made with Hikari's proprietary blend of molybdenum, cobalt, and vanadium alloys, the L604/L605 will slice through hair with that soft, buttery feel that Hikari is known for.
Sleek offset handles make this a great all around scissor.  Available in 5.5" and 6.0". Please click on the image for a larger picture and more information.

Product ID : L604
List Price: $715.00
Special Price: $595.00

Description: 5.5" with offset crane handle and tang.

Product ID : L605
List Price: $780.00
Special Price: $650.00

Description: 6.0" with offset crane handle and tang.

Lefty Phantom Cosmos (Offset, crane with wide area sculptured handle):  The newest Hikari design has a special sculptured handle shank. This shank is wider than other scissors in order to provide optimum support for your hand and fingers. It's also angled for stress free control and comfort. Contoured funnel shaped finger holes are a perfect fit for small to medium sized fingers. The lefty Phantom Cosmos is the ultimate left-handed scissor! Available in 6.0". (click on the image for a larger photo and more detailed information)

Product ID :L507/LF60
List Price: $1135.00
Special Price: $945.00

Description: 6.0" Lefty Phantom Cosmos- Offset crane handle with tang.

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