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Features and Benefits (continued):

9) Full Anatomic Grip:

Created by Hikari over 25 years ago and yet still still one of the most comfortable scissors ever made.  Though often imitated, no other company has the same angles and curves of this legendary design. The full anatomic grip allows for greater agility and control.  All movements from horizontal, vertical, diagonal, to curved cutting, are more comfortable.  The natural fit of the handles around the fingers enables complete radial motion of the wrist, reducing stress and fatigue.  

To create the full anatomic grip, Hikari pioneered the costly “lost wax” process.  Each handle is made one at a time to ensure it remains true to the original design.  Don’t be fooled by cheap copies that simply bend the handles.  They don’t feel or perform the same.


10) Rylon Glides in the Pivot Area:

Rylon Glides in the pivot area eliminate wear and provide super smooth and accurate cutting action from pivot to point.  Only Hikari uses Rylon technology.


11) Concave Outside Edge:

When performing palm to palm cutting, the concave outer edge allows the scissor to fit comfortably against your fingers while maintaining a perfect 90 degree angle to the hair.  This results in precision straight lines and allows you to relax your elbow and shoulder.  The result is a better haircut with less stress.


12) Tension System:

There are basically 2 different types of tension systems:

A.  Coin adjustable tension screw: This type of tension system uses a screw with a wide slot that is easily adjusted by a coin  The coin screw is streamline and does not require the need of a special tool or screwdriver.

B.  Adjustable Tension Knob:  The adjustable tension knob allows the stylist to simply turn the adjuster with their fingers to increase or decrease tension.


13) Sculptured Handle:

This is when the shank of the handle is contoured.  It is sometimes referred to as a camel hump.  This provides a “slot” for the middle finger and the index finger. 

13) Country of Origin:

All Hikari scissors are handmade at the Hikari factory in Japan.  In general, scissors that are made in Japan are considered higher quality than other countries such as Korea, Taiwan, China and Pakistan.  However, not all scissors made in Japan are high quality scissors.

Beware of scissors that do not have the country of origin stamped on the scissor.  High quality scissors will always stamp the country of origin on the scissor.  Also beware of scissors that say “Japan Steel", “Japan Cobalt", etc.  These scissors are not made in Japan.  (For more information on Country of Origin, please click here)

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